REFUND POLICY Class/Program Cancellation Policy: Refunds will not be issued after a class/program is in session unless approved by management. There is a $5 administration surcharge on all class/program refunds unless credited to the household account (or if cancelled by the District). Membership Cancellation / Hold Policy Memberships to the recreation center are considered non-refundable and non-cancellable. Exceptions can be made with approval from the Assistant Director or Director. Exceptions are only made for serious medical issues or a permanent move out of the county; in both cases proof must be provided and a request must be in writing. Memberships (with the exception of 3 month) may be put be on hold for up to two months with approval from the Assistant Director or Director. Exceptions may be made for longer hold periods. Hold requests are typically honored for injuries or for an extended leave from the county. Requests must be made in writing and a re-activation date agreed upon. A re-activation fee of $25 for individual memberships and $50 for household memberships will be applied immediately upon placing the membership on hold and must be paid prior to re-activation. Membership cancellations, holds and re-activations will only be implemented on the first of the following month. If monthly auto-debit is the method of payment, the monthly charges will begin again on the 15th of the month of re-activation (ie; re-activate on the 1st and be charged on the 15th. (Remember, charges are made on the 15th for that calendar month). Three-month memberships cannot be cancelled or put on hold for any reason. Punch cards are not considered memberships and therefore are non-refundable, non-cancellable, and cannot be put on hold or transferred for any reason. Punch cards do not expire. Punch card/Membership Upgrades Punch cards, three and six month memberships can be upgraded within 60 days of purchase and will be pro-rated.

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